One thing that everyone from New England knows is that you need a winter hobby, vacation, or something else to look forward to during that time of year.

Let's face it. The winter months are sometimes grey, cold, and bleak.

In order to avoid the inevitable seasonal depression that comes every January and February, New Englanders need to stay active. Do SOMETHING. Even if it is one thing in January and one in February, having something to spike your serotonin and endorphins is critical.

Well, let me take care of that for you.

Alpine Adventures in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is offering winter ziplining.  How cool, or should I say, how cold!

I have done a regular summer ziplining tour through Alpine Adventures, and it was awesome. I can only imagine how sweet it would be in the winter.

On the ziplines, you can reach speeds up to 60 mph. Imagine that. Going as fast as your car on the highway, through the snow, in the White Mountains, in the middle of winter. Epic.

This is the perfect adrenaline spike you need in the winter months. If you have not been, check out Alpine Adventures. This is a great winter activity to do near downtown Lincoln, which is also loaded with beauty and fun in the middle of New England's winter.

The trek compiles "five of our favorite zips we have constructed the ultimate zipline tour for the Winter season," according to the website. "Each zip ranges in height, distance and speed, everyone in your party is guaranteed to have a favorite."

The journey starts with a 4X4 off-road ride.

Check out the video below.

Don't let the winter cold create your winter blues. Get outside and be active. Jump, literally, through the beauty of the white mountains by booking a winter ziplining adventure today.

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