With the obvious exception, unless the Patriots are playing. Check out TC's hilarious rant about the not worthy for primetime product that just never seems to satisfy anyone.

I'm not watching The Jets play The Broncos?! Come on?!


Don't waste my time.


I rarely, if ever, watch Thursday Night Football.


I'm a College Football Saturday guy. I'm an NFL Sunday guy.


But, I've never really taken to it. I think it's too much, I think it's too soon and honestly I forget about it half the time. - Tom Caron on TNF

Wow, TC. Tell us how you really feel.

Those are pretty bold words from our Boston Sports Insider. But as we learned from his official Shark Morning Show Astrological Reading™ today, he is a Scorpio and being bold is just part of his place among the stars and planets.

It is certainly ironic that his reading told him to try to inspire hope and love in his words today and that critique of the NY and Denver matchup was anything but an expression of either.

I was happy to hear Tom Caron's take on the net NHL Season. Even though last season ended about 72 hours ago, October feels weird without the return of hockey.

It's would be awesome if the season started again in January and did so with a series of 'Winter Classics' so a limited amount of people could watch the game the way it was meant to be played, OUTDOORS.

That way the fans safety would be secured AND we get to enjoy the amazing spectacle of open air arena hockey.

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