I refer to it as "The Infinity Stones", all four Championship trophies held simultaneously by all New England teams. We're halfway there. Here's TC on the possibility of it happening.

Train Images
Train Images

I was surprised at how TC felt about the prospects of The Boston Bruins. He did not hold back when appraising their chances at hoisting The Stanley Cup for the first time in 8 years.

"Bruins would need a little help to win The Stanley Cup. Don Sweeney would have to make AT LEAST a couple good trades before the deadline (Monday, February 25th) but he MIGHT! And they're both playoff teams, so, HERE WE GO!" - Tom Caron

I appreciate TC's candor whenever we discuss teams that are broadcast on New England Sports Network. It's never easy to be brutally honest when you're working for the station that transmits so much of their games to the public.

As you know, The Shark is your home for THE WORLD CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and I haven't been critical of them since Hugh Millen was their Quarterback.

Thanks TC!

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