Ambushes, insults, trash talking and they're both on the same team?  Our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron shines a light on why this happens more in baseball than any other sport.

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Train Images

There's no other sport where these things bubble up like in baseball and over the years, I remember Manny and Youkilis getting in a fight in the dugout and John Farrell and Wade Miley had to be separated as well.


Baseball is unlike the other sports because you're there EVERY SINGLE DAY for the better part of 7 1/2 and 8 months. It's a loooong season. Tempers flare.

- Tom Caron on the David Price VS Dennis Eckersley flap

As a bit of metaphor for this conflict talk, I then aggressively steal TC's crystal ball and make a 'Sports Insider' style prediction of my own that The Sox are FINALLY going to string together the kind of winning streak that Sox fans have yet to see this year.

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