Baseball purists have been moaning and complaining about the many changes that have already happened throughout this 60 game season, yet, our Boston Sports Insider hopes one of the most controversial changes will remain forever.

Philadelphia Phillies v Boston Red Sox
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7 Inning Double Headers

When all of this clears, what will stick out of this and you wonder if seven inning double headers could stick?


It's not a bad thing. You go and it'll about be four hours to play two games. It might be fun, I'm looking forward to seeing it when the Red Sox play them coming up.


- Tom Caron

For those of you that feel the way TC does, you'll only have to wait a month until Boston plays Philly on September 8th.

I think it'll be really cool if any of these games are tied after seven innings. That means that the 8th inning will begin with a runner on second.

This extra innings adaptation was finally approved by the MLB for this shortened season and THAT'S the new wrinkle that I'd love to see made permanent going into next year.

As they always say, whenever a door closes another window opens and I have NO PROBLEM with Major League Baseball taking this opportunity to change the game into a faster, more consumable product.

Hopefully, in twenty years, the idea of a 4 hour baseball game will seem even more ridiculous than it is now, not to mention the 17 inning affairs in which both teams appear to celebrate that they can finally leave the ballpark when it's over.

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