This selfie with our 'Sports Insider' was taken in Las Vegas last week just seconds before I told Tom Caron my plans to get a face tattoo. Listen to the following as to how all that worked out.

Train Images
Train Images

To be completely honest, I did not want a face tattoo OR wake up in a trashed hotel room with a wild tiger OR ever ask TC to bail me out.

The only truthful part of any of these Vegas stories was that TC took time out of his hectic Winter Baseball Meetings schedule to meet with yours truly and I'm very grateful.

Oh yeah, and that I actually did have quite a winning streak! That part was true too I'm happy to say.

Tom Caron's analysis of The Patriots woes mirrors my own.

With the tragic loss of Josh Gordon to substance abuse, things just can't seem to get any worse, YET, whenever The Pats are the underdog in The Brady Era? They NEVER seem to lose!

It is certainly going to be interesting to see how the end of the season shakes out and NESN's Tom Caron will be with us every step of the way, every Friday morning at 8:30AM. Only on The Shark!

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