I guarantee you'll recognize the name even though he retired over a decade ago.

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Jason Varitek

Out of the entire organization, it's STILL Jason Varitek. He STILL scares the hell out of me. When I see him down here in Spring Training, I go "Hello, Mr. Varitek." Then I carefully step around to make sure I don't get in his way.

- Tom Caron

Sarah's follow up of 'Which Red Sox player would you most like to cuddle?' still has me giggling and Mr. Caron quickly agreed with her opinion that Jim Ed Rice would be the winner of that particular non-baseball category.

It doesn't seem possible that on next week's episode of 'Sox Insider', we will be discussing REGULAR SEASON BASEBALL! Boston will be playing Seattle on Thursday, March 28th.


You would think that with the Sox winning it all last year and the Patriots doing the same, the off season should have flown right by. But it seems like forever!