To say the 2019 Boston Red Sox have been a disappointment is a tremendous understatement,  so much so that Tom Caron's suggestion of who should spot start on Sunday will drop the jaw of any Shark Morning Show listener.

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Train Images

Sam The Stats Guy!

Since Sam has repeatedly said that 'The Red Sox are the current World Series Champions and will remain so UNTIL they are eliminated from playoff contention', a statement that has caused many to sneer and laugh.

Tom Caron, however, AGREES with that bold proclamation not only for its accuracy but also it's positivity and wonders if 'Sam The Batboy' can pitch this Sunday.

This new nickname is not an 'error', because back in the 1980's Sam attended a game at Fenway in which the Sox took on The Milwaukee Brewers and he was selected from the crowd to serve as bat boy for 'The Brew Crew'.

Could this jolt of positive energy actually propel The Sox back into the Wild Card race?

It remains to be seen.

Thanks to TC for another fun Sports Insider report and to Holmwoods Furniture and Design Center for making it all happen!

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