I didn't go to the Trump rally in Manchester tonight, but I did watch as much as I could on my laptop before I had to go to bed.  You may or may not be surprised to know that I keep a close eye on what our Politicians are doing because I want to know as much as I can about every candidate and want to know exactly what they say.  It's all about education, baby.  ANYWAY, now that I have given you that disclaimer that basically says I'm neither left nor right, here are a few things that I have heard or experienced about tonight's rally:

  • The Traffic in Manchester around the SNHU sucked even yesterday.  Forget today - you couldn't even get near the place yesterday.  People camped out to get a glimpse of the President.
  • Both sides of the political divide were outside of the arena long before his arrival and both sides had some very interesting characters.  One woman was walking around with so many signs on her that she kept tripping over herself.  She didn't need that many signs, but insisted on wearing them all - and yelling loudly at everyone who would listen.  She was passionate about her side, I suppose.
  • Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight" was playing inside the SNHU, not long before the President came out.  Does that mean Phil Collins is a Trump supporter?  Don't know, don't know him.
  • The twitter feed on the live feed is hilarious.  People are just saying things like, "I love my cat, Scooter," and "My hot pockets are tasty."
  • I even head some great photography advice, if you take a pic with your cell phone, you should always take it horizontally in order to get the best quality.  Interesting.

What a year it's going to be!  We are more than a year away from the election and NH is going to be inundated with every candidate in the running.

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