New England Parents Need to Know

To say that being a parent is difficult is an understatement.  I know this is a bold statement, but parents will understand.  You can't relate to it if you don't have kids.  These little creatures do not come with any sort of instruction manual, so many times, you have to use your best judgement.  Terrifying.

TikTok video from influencer Josie Rose Mueller is going viral right now.  She says that she is a pediatric nurse and will never, ever let her three children do these things:

Before You Go Any Further

Be forewarned, these descriptions may be too gross for you to handle.  If so, bail now.  If not, keep going, you brave soul, you.

No Riding on a Lawnmower With Dad.

It's adorable, yes, but this nurse has seen kids lose limbs because of it.  Like, both of their legs.


Never Play With Fireworks.

This mom says it's far too easy to blow up body parts, including fingers, hands, and parts of the face.


No Pool Parties Without Her

Don't let your younger children go to a pool party without you.  Young kids are just too hard to keep an eye on.  For those without kids who may be reading this, you have to keep an eye on your toddler at all times.  They are sometimes more daring than their little bodies are ready for.


Always Ride With a Seatbelt

Never ride without a seatbelt, not even for a minute.  There is too much risk of an accident.

No Sleepovers Unless You Know Everyone

The number one thing that she would never, ever let her kid do is sleep over at someone's house without her knowing every single person who is going to be there.  She has to be comfortable and know that they are good people.  Josie has seen too much abuse, and it has made her question whether or not she will ever let her kids have sleepovers at all.

When I brought up my son here in New Hampshire, it was a very different time, and I was way too trusting of circumstances and people.  I wish that I had made better choices.  Thank God, Colin has turned out great, but there were mistakes.  When I think back on them, I think to myself, "What was I thinking?!"

Is there something that you let your kid do that you now wonder, "What the heck was I thinking?"

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