Justin Spencer is the creator of the Manchester based band "Recycled Percussion". They do so much for Granite Staters through their show and brand called "Chaos and Kindness".

A lot of negative stuff has happened in the world over the past year and a half and Justin is always doing what he can to bring joy and hope to people's lives. Last year he hopped on his Harley and took a ride to a trailer park in Loudon, New Hampshire. He visited the trailer he lived in from the ages of 8-11. He knocked on the door to introduce himself but no one answered. He slipped a $1,000 check under the door with a note that said “I grew up in this house”. Last Christmas he went into a Wal Mart store and bought every single kid's bike they had and donated them to children in need. And now Justin and his kindness squad are back at it!

According to their Facebook, Justin has hidden $10,000 of his personal money somewhere in the state and NO ONE knows where it is except for the band's legal team. Here's what we know about this scavenger hunt:

  • The money will be within the borders of New Hampshire
  • Anyone from any state can play.
  • Clues will be texted to your phone
  • But first you must text the word “kindness” to 855-499-2384.

Justin suggests that you recruit a few friends and get a team going and then split the money.

Why is he doing this? He grew up on the movie "The Goonies" and has always wanted to find treasure. The fact that he can create a treasure hunt for other people is a dream come true! Sounds like a good enough reason to me. Let the games begin!

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