I was aware of a couple abandoned areas in the Southwest part of The Granite State, but not in the middle of The White Mountain National Forest?

Livermore NH

According to the write up from YouTuber 'Explore With Me, Marlo C', this town began as a lumber operation in the 1870's and by the turn of the century had a population of around 200!

I watch a great deal of NH Chronicle and NHPTV and this is the first I've heard of this place.

Set to a cranking metal anthem by 'Warrant', this video is beautifully shot and has really given me the itch to go exploring the great unknown.

Enter 'Livermore NH' into your google maps and you'll see it's just to the east of Woodstock and is cut right in half by Route 112. A quick exit off 93 and you're there!

I'm not aware if any of this land is 'POSTED' but it's definitely worth investigating after the spring thaw.


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