What says Valentine's Day like a food challenge with a good case of the meat sweats?

If the stress of watching the New England Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl made you want to eat a house, you can finally (if you haven't already) dig in, thanks to a new burger based on Tight End (and hopefully NOT retiring) Rob Gronkowski. The Goat in Hampton has brought the "Gronk Smash" to the table, and it's free for the taking...if you accept the challenge.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox
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According to their Facebook page, the Gronk Smash is six hamburgers, mounds of cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a bun. Here's the trick; "If you can smash all 6 of these patties, plus the fries, and get a Goat hat, hoodie and flannel, plus the burger FOR FREE!"

Thursday is Valentine's Day. I mean, The Goat WILL be open. Romance much?

It's mid February, and time to ditch your New Year's Resolution diet anyway.





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