Yesterday, I went to my hairdresser, Kristen, at Salon 27 in Raymond.  Who, by the way, is an amazing singer and someday, I'll be seeing her on TV and you will too only I'll be yelling, oh. my. god.  That girl used to do my hair.  She does a great job too, check this out:


ANYWAY!  We were chatting, as we do and she reminded me that her brother in law is Bobby Marcotte, the Executive Chef from the Tuckaway Tavern.  If you know anything about the food at the Tuckaway, you know that the food is RIDICULOUSLY delicious.  Seriously, I do NOT know how they do it.  EVERYTHING on that friggin' menu is good.  Anyway, Bobby and some other people opened up another location, the Hop + Grind located in Durham.  They focus on, you guessed it, beer and burgers.  Perfect for a college town.

Well, Kristen, the soon to be famous singer, now hairdresser, told me that Bobby is opening ANOTHER Hop + Grind at the North Shore Mall in Peabody.  I looked it up and sure enough, she was right.  Not that I doubted her or anything, I was just excited to see it online already.  They are hopefully opening at the end of this month.

SO many places in this area now to try Bobby's food.  He gets help too from his assistant Executive Chef, Jen Hiller at the Tuckaway too.  The recipe she shows us how to do here looks just fantastic:


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