ESPN has just published a report on the split between the Patriots and the NFL.

Roger Goodell
CBS News, YouTube

According to a report at, in 2008, Roger Goodell called a meeting of all the NFL owners and head coaches. In that meeting regarding what would later be termed as 'Spygate', Robert Kraft stood and told the other 31 owners he was sorry for the damage this scandal had brought upon the league.

Coach Bill Belichick then stood and told everyone present that he didn't know what he had ordered had violated league rules, and that he had made a mistake.

Apparently very few bought this excuse from the coach, and many of the owners were bummed that the decision to fine the team ($250,000 plus a 1st round draft pick) and the coach ($500,000) came just 4 days after the accusations.

In the recent years, 'the Commish' has heard it more than once about how the other owners feel he let the Patriots off easy, and that is most likely the reason Goodell was hell bent on taking 'deflategate' to the mat.

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