It's the ultimate digital compliment and how can you blame them. Gronk's stiff arm from last night's game looks like something from a MARVEL action flick.

The KC Chiefs' Ron Parker found himself in a very dangerous place last night, between Rob Gronkowski and the end zone. This is ironic because his position is 'Safety' and there's nothing safe about trying to take Number 87 down.

In my humble opinion, nobody gets more pleasure out of New England Patriots losses than NBC's Chris Collinsworth. After a terrific career playing with the hapless Bengals, his jealousy of the Patriots' never ending dominance of the AFC is quite evident if you listen closely.

That being said, EVEN HE can't contain his laughter when analyzing Gronk's Herculean stiff arm.

I'll give The Chiefs credit, they did manage to tackle Gronk on this play which is no easy task. They also competed in Gillette for all 60 minutes. What a game last night!

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