My husband and I made a visit to Coppal House Farm in Lee, NH.  There won't be another fall as long as I live that I don't visit there!  It was a stunning fall day - perfect for a corn maze.  Plus, this weekend, they were having a craft fair, so how COULDN'T I go, I ask you!


Along the way there were mailboxes with questions that, if you answered correctly, would point you in the right direction.


Sometimes you get the question wrong.


Inside the barn, there are lots of animals


This beautiful horse's name is Twiggy.  She's a 14 year old Belgian mare, according to the sign on her stable.  The sign also said that she stands 17 hands "at her withers" and weighs about 1900 pounds.  She. was. massive. And not the only huge horse in the stable.  "Ice" was a couple stables down and he was one big fella.  I didn't ask, but I'm thinking maybe Twiggy is his girlfriend.


If you've never stopped by this farm, I'm hoping you at least noticed the breath-taking sunflower field they have in the summer.  You can see it from the road on Route 155 in Lee.  This place is good ol' New England Fun for the whole family!



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