On Friday, NH Governor, Chris Sununu said NH beaches can re-open to those who want to walk or run on the beach.  You can also surf, but you can't sunbathe or play games or make sandcastles on the beach, according to a story from WMUR.

My friend and co-worker, A-Train, has a question as he usually does for our Governor.  Can you walk out in the water and "sit your a&& down and pretend that you're swimming?"  Once again, Train has found the loophole.  He's a genius.

The forecast for June, according to accuweather, doesn't look bad, however, if this were a normal beach year, we wouldn't even consider going in to the water, but now that we CAN, even in 67 degree weather, we're gonna go in, amirite??!   I'm sure it'll be VERY cold because, if you are native to these parts, you know the water doesn't warm up until about..... August, but more people will be in that water this year than ever.  Just the thought of that life pleasure being taken away was/is too much for ocean lovers.

I am very happy that the beach is opening up.  If you make the trip there, remember to visit Pat's World Famous!  Pat Sullivan, who may or may not be my nephew, has wicked yummy hot dogs with everything you can imagine on them!  Chili, beans, cheese, mac & cheese and his WORLD FAMOUS LOBSTER DOG!  Pat also has the best ice cream around!  Just look for the yellow and red store front next to the Casino's parking lot on D Street, Hampton Beach.

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