Ah yes, the common daisy. In my humble opinion, there is no better flower to pick in The Granite State and no better time to pick them than right now.

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There are endless reasons why I like this flower and I'll tell you why.

They remind me of summer vacation.

Back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, this was the time that the last day of school would happen. If a flower had to represent almost three glorious months of swimming, ice cream and no math? The Ox-Eye daisy is the flower that does it.

They're relatively scentless.

Sure the Purple Lilac is NH's State Flower but I'm kind of sensitive to their overly flowery funk. Bring some of them into the house and sooner or later they'll bring me to my knees. With the daisy? Scentsational peace in the olfactory.

They're better than a coin flip

The 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not' game with daisies originated in France and actually translates to 'Loves Me, Loves Me More'. You can make any Yes/No decision based on this game and it builds way more suspense than a boring old heads or tails.

They're easy to arrange

I hacked these out of the back field.

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Train Images

Seriously, I'd pay $20 for that but it was free and took me 3 minutes.

They're magical

Fill a vase and you are free to be as beastly as you wish.

Tomorrow, I plan on spilling spaghetti sauce all over the studio, I'll say outrageous and rude things, maybe even put golf on the TV and Sarah will not object due to the hypnosis that this perennial provides!

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