Although things have improved quite dramatically over the past few weeks, the Severe Drought near NH's Seacoast still rages on.

US Drought Monitor
US Drought Monitor

Just hours ago, the State Drought Monitor just issued the latest update on the conditions of The Granite State.

As you can see, the northern half of New Hampshire is completely free from any lack of moisture and the stress it causes both the flora and fauna of our fine state.

In addition, just this morning, healthy sections of both Hillsboro and Cheshire Counties have been deemed free of 'Abnormal Dryness' as well. That's almost 7% of the total area of NH!

The resulting map of the remaining Severe Drought, Moderate Drought and aforementioned Abnormal Dryness, resembles a bullseye, not unlike one you would see on an archery range.

For those of you that need help interpreting the absurdity of my artistry, allow me to explain my imaginative yet crudely drawn creation.

NH is currently under siege of Winter Storm Gail, unleashing the highest snow fall prior to Christmas that I can ever recall. It's possible that THIRTY inches of snow will fall in some parts of Southern NH.

This is why I have represented Gail on the map as a gigantic storm cloud with a bow and arrow. The bow is approximately 150 miles in length and the arrow (representing frozen precipitation) is over 100 miles long.

I HAVE TO THINK, that the resulting snowpack will help to alleviate the Severe Drought, if not obliterate it entirely.

I'm quite excited for next week's update so I can see if 'The Bullseye' is finally gone, or at LEAST changed to Moderate Drought.

Aim high drought map enthusiasts!

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