Only half way through the winter and so far this flu season, 20 adults from the Granite state have died from the disease

"We know from past seasons that whenever the H3N2 influenza strain is the predominant strain, we tend to see more doctor's visits for influenza-like illness or hospitalizations and even more deaths, unfortunately," said state epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan.

Last year, there were 45 flu deaths in the state, and flu season peaked in mid-February. So far, New Hampshire doctors have treated more than 2,100 people who were suffering from flu-like symptoms, Chan said.

"It's always difficult to predict how a flu season will progress, and I would say it's too early to say that influenza has peaked in New Hampshire," he said.

Indeed we are barely half way through winter, based on the calendar. But as any New Englander knows, the winter, snow, sniffles and flu season runs into February at least.

Please take precautions and get a flu shot if you think you need it.

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