The DHHS in NH says the flu is widespead here and the CDC says, according to the NY Times could turn even worse before the season is over.  Massachusetts is also classified as "Widespread," according to the CDC.  Maine, however, is classified as "Regional."

The Times report goes on to say that 46 states have widespread flu activity.  In more bad news, the vaccine may not be particularly effective against this strain of the virus.  Doctors still tell us, however, it's much better to get a flu shot than not.

I have not yet had a flu shot.  I know - I said I would get one, but I just haven't done so.  My sister works at a hospital and she is completely freaked out because I don't get one.  So much so, I think she's been avoiding me this entire flu season.  (Either that, or her new boyfriend is keeping her occupied, I don't know.)  In any case, I'll make it a priority before the end of the week.

Or will I?


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