Governor Chris Sununu talked to A-Train and me this morning and it was nice to hear that he had the same opinion of the Federal system to register for the vaccine.

If you did register for the vaccine, there was a tip sheet that the State of NH sent out that seemed to be helpful to people.  In the future, the State of NH is working on a ONE STEP system for other categories.  As it's been since the history of time, the older people are paving the way for the rest of us.

We also talked about how you can figure out how old someone is by what Category they fit in to with the vaccine registration.  At least have a broad idea of how old they are.

The Governor wanted people to know that once you are in the system, there is a vaccine with your name on it.  It's guaranteed.  Right now, we (NH) are getting 17,000 vaccines.  The Governor would love to get more and if we DO get more, the State will ask people if they'd like to move their vaccine date UP.

There are some states that are running in to the problem of registering people for the vaccine and not having enough to go around.  That's why if you tried to register and a vaccine wasn't guaranteed, you got kicked off.

Although the vaccine has people around that don't want to get it, I can't wait to get mine.  There are too many people that I love who are waiting for my hugs, so... I give really good hugs and I want that vaccine.  I have a while longer to wait.


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