Well, this is depressing, thank you very much.

NH grocery stores are stocking up on some of the items that we ran out of in the Spring, according to a story from WMUR.

The report cites the President and CEO of the NH Grocer's Association, John Dumais as saying:

Grocery stores have seen the panic situation that happened in the past and the need for being there...... So, they’re being proactive as much as they can be in trying to stock what they have.



I was in Market Basket yesterday and I saw this with my own eyes.  See, I had to use the bathroom and if you know about the Market Basket in Lee, you know that the Women's room is in the back of the store and you have to go through the stock room to get there.  There was a LOT of paper products on pallets waiting to be put on the floor.

Why can't people just take what they need and leave the rest?  It doesn't make any sense to me?  Are they selling Charmin on the black market or something?  The LAST thing that I want to see in the news is a fight over Bounty paper towels.  (I mean, I know they are amazing products!)

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