Many New Hampshire homes went old school last night when the power suddenly went out. You can check the outage map here.

What a wild night. Much of New Hampshire didn't receive the dump trucks of rain predicted, but we did pick up a hefty amount of wind. Many towns postponed Halloween due to anticipated conditions, and families all over the state sat in their homes on Halloween night, possibly watching scary movies...and then it happened.

The wi-fi went out (cue massive scream)

According to Eversource, over thirteen thousand power outages were scattered all over  New Hampshire. Crews were working hard Friday morning, as the wind continues to breeze through the Granite State ahead of a cold front.

If you think the wind was strong in your yard, try being on top of Mt. Washington. Winds gusts are expected to top 120 MPH. Plus, with a huge cold front plowing through, temperatures have plummeted from a new daily record of 52°F near midnight down to 23°F as of 8am Friday AM.


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