That means you'll forget your canvas bags about a million times before it becomes habit not to.

According to a story from WMUR, Democratic Rep. Judith Spang of Durham is introducing bills to ban plastic bags and plastic straws here in New Hampshire.  The report quotes her as saying that she sees shoppers whose cart look like they are "about to take flight" with all the plastic bags in it.

Rep. Spang is also going to introduce legislation that leaves the choice in the hands of cities and towns if she can't get it state wide.

I went through this transition when I lived in Maine.  When I lived in Cape Elizabeth, I shopped for groceries in Scarborough who had the ban on single bags.  You could still use them, but the store charged you .10 cents per bag.  Since I, or anyone else, didn't want to pay that, we would bring our own bags to shop.  At first, I would forget time and time again, but after a while, it became habit for me to bring my bags so I wouldn't have to pay the .10 cents.  The .10 cents per bag, by the way, was kept by the grocery store  It didn't go to the state.  Weird, but I guess if you want this to pass, you should have the support of the store.

Anyway, it's great for the environment, so I'm hopeful that this will go through.

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