With all the focus on student safety with in-school learning, I hadn't thought of how kids were going to have to commute there safely as well. This WMUR-TV report examines the drastically new seating arrangement.

In the city of Manchester, the capacity of school buses will be lessened by FIFTY students. If you choose to sit on the 'passenger side' of the bus, you will sit all the way in next to the window. If you choose the 'drivers side' you will be seated next to the aisle.

The rows between students will be empty and everyone on board will be wearing masks.

Inevitably, the limited space will create the need for more buses to be used on the same route and those routes will be taken over by people in management. It certainly sounds like an 'all hands on deck' situation of the highest degree.

And those hands, will be very clean. The buses will be thoroughly cleaned twice per day following the new safety guidelines.

The kids will also get on the buses using the back door and the seats will be filled from back to front.

I hope that everything works out for the best and this new plan is as efficient as it appears to be 'on paper'.

Just like everything else that we've never tried before, officials will have to see how it goes and adjust things accordingly.

I don't want to be a another doom and gloom troll that dismisses everything out of hand, BUT, with young kids, saying they'll follow the guidelines is one thing, whether they actually do it is another matter.

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