According to a story from NBC Boston, the NH State Liquor stores will remain open at a time when many retail stores are closing.  Their hours have changed, however, to 11a - 6pm every day, as posted on their Facebook page.

Although liquor isn't really "essential," it is really a good distraction from all that's going on these days.  I admit, it must be difficult for alcoholics to be home with non-alcoholics, however, there is a way to relax with a glass of wine if you live with an alcoholic who is sober and wants to stay that way, as is the case in my house.

Last night, when I got home, I really wanted to relax with a glass of wine and a bowl of soup.  My husband, 31 years sober, was home at the time.  In normal circumstances, we would have just gone out for dinner and I would have ordered all the drinks to my heart's content, however, we weren't going out, so, I asked him if it would make him feel uncomfortable if I cracked open one of those bottles of pinot noir that I keep in the cellar.  He totally understood with the week that I've had and said it would be fine with him.  I may have had almost the whole bottle by myself, but you'll never know.

We have to navigate each other's needs during this time, even if it is a good strong shot of tequila.

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