I apologize for never updating you on my neighbors wasp nest and the steps that were taken to rid it from his porch.

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One of the goals I had for my vacation was to tell my neighbor that there was a wasp's nest on his porch and it was growing exponentially with every passing day. you can only imagine the stress that this caused me.

Sure enough, on that first Sunday afternoon he was out raking his backyard and the time was right to spread the unpleasant news.

Come to find out, he had just noticed it a few minutes prior and, after his raking was concluded, he was heading out to get AT LEAST two of the jet stream spray cans as ammunition.

As luck would have it, the next evening I pulled into my driveway just as he was preparing for the battle.

He had tied the sleeves of an over-sized denim shirt around his head like a head band and slowly approached the porch with two cans of wasp killer at the ready.

I nearly sprinted away as a show of support.

Thankfully, the wasp killer that he bought was very effective and incapacitated the pests instantly. The nest, once soaked by the chemical, broke off from the ceiling, ricocheted first off the porch railing and bounced lifelessly into the flower garden.

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He took the remaining chunk of nest off with a putty knife the next morning. Ironically, he was getting the porch scraped and painted THIS week and that's what made me recall that I never told this harrowing tale.

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I picked a few cherry tomatoes over the weekend and gave them to him as a reward for his bravery and an apology for my cowardice.

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