Yes fellow Granite Staters! That is me and none other than WMUR's Sean McDonald!

Train Images
Train Images

WMUR-TV is on our one monitor in The Shark Tank 99.9% <- (Channel Nine reference) of the time and Sarah and I constantly watch Sean along with Erin Fehlau and Kevin Skarupa on the morning news.

It was so cool to meet him today at the NHMS Media Race.

Might I add that Mr. McDonald placed 2nd out of 11 competitors and missed out on hoisting the trophy by a mere .05 of a second. I'll write that again, FIVE ONE HUNDRETHS OF A SECOND. Missed it by that much.

I didn't miss out on my opportunity to take this selfie however and am happy to report that Sean is just as cool and friendly as he appears to be every morning on TV.

I've decided that taking selfies with WMUR broadcasters is now going to be my new hobby. I would think Ray Brewer would be an easy one to get, as he is in a different NH city 5 days a week.

Thanks again to the fine folks at NHMS for treating us all like royalty today AND be on the lookout for me walking around in the background of an upcoming NH Chronicle.

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