Don't worry residents of New Hampshire, our beloved Granite State is not under an attack of giant mice, it's only my Microsoft paint interpretation of our current drought map.

You cannot make our state look any more like a delicious piece of Finlandia Swiss Cheese if you tried.

However, after several attempts at creating the mouse that is about to nibble on Cheshire County, I stopped. The thing just looks like a Scottish Terrier. I know that. There's nothing I can do.

After the wonderful weather that we have experienced all September, I couldn't help but wonder if we were plagued by 'Abnormal Dryness' and sure enough, after checking my favorite USDA map, those fears were confirmed.

I'm hoping that the rain that has been forecast throughout today AND tomorrow will help return our fair state back to its proper level of moistness (?) and the gigantic mice will scatter across the map in search of real cheese. Wisconsin perhaps.

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