For months, people all across New England have been anticipating the opening of a new wizarding-themed restaurant called The Perfect Spell in a small town in Maine. But unfortunately even the best of ideas can hit speed bumps and The Perfect Spell took to Facebook to announce they had hit theirs.

According to the Sun-Journal, the town of Pownal, where the restaurant was initially going to be located, decided to deny the owners a change-of-use permit that would have allowed the new musical restaurant to open in the building that formally housed the North Pownal General Store. Because of the permit denial, the owners of the restaurant will have to move it to an entirely different location.

As the owners stated in their Facebook message, they are in the process of refunding all of the reservations for dates that have already missed as well as dates that will miss because of the change of location. The owners believe they'll be able to secure a new location for their restaurant soon, and have hopes to be open and operational before Halloween this year.

So where will it be? The Sun-Journal reports that the owners have several bids on properties in Brunswick, Lewiston, Portland and South Portland and plan to announce the exact destination sometime next week.

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