You've got to be kidding me.

Ticket prices for the Red Sox games will increase again next year, according to a story from the Boston Globe.

I think the lowest ticket price is around $20, if I remember correctly from when I was buying them this past summer.  Who buys a ticket to Fenway for $20? Maybe back in the day.

I remember getting in to Fenway for 6 bucks when I was a kid, but now?  Um... no.

You can get a BOTTLE OF WATER AT FENWAY for 6 bucks, but not a seat.

I remember handing my money to the concession stand person saying, "I'd like a $6 bottle of water, please."

He was not amused.

The most laughable thing about this whole thing is the Boston Globe report is saying it's a cost of living increase.

What kind of life are you living that you have to raise ticket prices for the every day joe's who wanna get in to the Park?

There's also some talk about keeping the salary cap under 208 million.

I'm no math wizard, but there's something a little OFF about this whole thing.

I'll tell you one thing, my couch is looking a whole helluva lot better in 2020.

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