Our Pet of the Month has been chosen!  Newton has won a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Pets Supplies Plus in Somersworth! 

This is Newton and he is our Pet Supplies Plus Pet of the Month!  Newton's owner, Noel Lyons-Baker, submitted this photo through the Shark App of Sir Newton of Rochester in one of his favorite habitats, a pile of leaves.  I have added the moniker, "Sir," simply because I think with a face like that, he deserves to be known as "Sir Newton."  Noel doesn't call him that, to my knowledge.

UPDATE:  Newton's full name is:  SIR ISAAC FIG NEWTON, III.  haha!

If he's anything like my old dog, Summer, he probably lost his bone somewhere in the pile and is half-heartedly looking for it.  Most of the fun that Newton is having in this picture is just jumping in the leaves and having the best life!  That's what dogs do.  They teach us how to live our best life!

If you think your pet is the best, just upload a picture of him or her and you too could win a gift certificate to Pet Supplies Plus! 


Here's how to enter your favorite four legged friend:

2.  In the app's left hand menu, select Submit Photo/Video/Audio.

3.  Upload a pic of your perfect pet!

4.  Make sure you include your name, your pet's name, where you are from and your phone number so we can let you know that you've been chosen as the winner.

The world needs to see more pictures of pets, so enter today!

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