Pet Tails Rescue in Northwood has a problem and now I do too. I WANT TO BRING ALL THREE OF THESE KITTIES HOME!  I, however, can not.  My husband has allergies, especially to cats, so I can't adopt them.

BUT, you might want to bring these kitties home with you!  Pet Tails Rescue in Northwood is looking for someone to take all three kitties home with them.

There is nothing like having a cat in your life, for me anyway.  For as long as I can remember, I have been comforted by my cats.

My first cat that I remember was Smokey.  He was a big boy who was an outside cat.  We thought he disappeared, but one night, he jumped up on the porch and meowed to get in.  Apparently, he was just out partying all night.

Then I had a tiger kitten for only one night, I didn't even name the thing yet.  I was so excited about this cat!  After that one night, I got up in the morning and he was gone.  My mother told me that he must have gotten lost.  I went outside to look for him all day and couldn't find him.  Later in life, my Mother told me that she thought the kitten was taken by an owl.  What?!

After that, I had several cats and remember them all fondly:  Shoo-Shoo, my Maine Coon girl, who came to us one night at our house and we ended up keeping her, Kitenza, Buddy, Homer, Tom, Jenny and my girl Madison, my 2nd Maine Coon cat.  She died in 2009 and I still miss her every night.  She slept on my head and I am convinced her spirit still does.

I've never been shy about sharing my life, however, I have to admit, this photo is like showing you my heart.


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