Phil's Crummy Corner - yup, that's the name of a bar in Brooklyn - has announced it's raising its drinking age to 25.

Hold up. Isn't the legal...LEGAL...drinking age 21? How and why is this bar not allowing 21-24-year-olds?

According to an NPR article, "The restaurant manager told local news site DNA Info that the age limit will only be in place on weekend nights. It's an attempt to keep out loud and rowdy late-night crowds."

Huh. This is an interesting concept. I do not know if this is the right move; however, I do applaud the owner for making this decision.

"Neighbors of Phil's Crummy Corner have been complaining about noise now for months," according to NPR. "One resident said,  'You will be shocked about the number of conversations you can hear from my bed. Friday and Saturday nights, it's like an animal town.'"

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The owner saw a problem and made a solution... but was it the right solution?

Would this work in New Hampshire and Maine?

I don't think so. The bars in NYC have thousands and thousands of people coming in and out of their doors.  If this bar got rid of 21-24-year-olds, that is only a small amount of the population of New York City.

Here is the issue around here. Our bars in Portsmouth, Dover, Portland, etc. rely on that demographic. If you took away 21-24 year olds, I am not sure bars would thrive, let alone survive.

This is a really interesting concept, and the bar in NYC has been doing this for years. How would you feel about this kind of move? Is it wanted here too?

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