What a fantastic surprise!!!  Our own personal chef, (not really, but she would be if we could pay her enough) Helen from 2 Home Cooks, got the #2 pick (tie with the Shaskeen)  for viewer's choice for Best Brunch from WMUR's recent poll.  I'd like to take credit for her wild success because Aaron and I made such a fuss about her homemade bacon biscuits and maple/bacon sauce to go over them.  Yeah, even typing the words makes me crave them.  Helen is coming to the Shark Tank again next week for our VIP Breakfast.

If you're curious about some of the other brunch places, here are the Top 5 from their poll:

1.  The Lilac City Grille in Rochester - Never been there, but Train says it's awesome.  He is Mr. Rochester, after all.

2.  2 HOME COOKS IN DOVER!! - Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, will go again and again.  LOVE this place

2. (tie) The Shaskeen in Manchester.  The Irish not only know how to drink, but we do brunch pretty well too.  Located on Elm Street in Manchester, it serves up a delicious buffet after a rough Saturday night.

4.  The Foundry in Manchester offers Farm to Table selections that change every week.

5.  Copper Door in Salem and Bedford.  I've been to the Bedford location and the atmosphere is beautiful.  Great food too!

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