NH numbers of COVID-19, according to NH.gov:  1,864, increase of 194 over the weekend.

Maine numbers, according to Maine.gov, 1,015.  78 more since Friday

Massachusetts, according to Mass.gov, is 54,938 and 8,915 over the weekend.

Some states are opening up for business, according to a report in nhmag.com.  I can't even imagine that right now for us, especially with numbers over 50K for Massachusetts.  Don't get me wrong.  I want to go shopping, get my nails done, have my hair dresser do my hair, but, I admit, I am also afraid of the numbers climbing up and up and up.

The only New England State that is opening up some business is Vermont, according to the report.  The Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, said, according to the report:

Construction operations with crews of two or less and some single-person low contact professional services, such as appraisers, attorneys, realtors and others.

I remember when I worked for Attorneys, sometimes, there is only 2 people in the office, so that makes sense to me.

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