What? Yes, Bill Belichick has employed a Taekwondo Master as a new pass rush consultant for the defensive line. I found a video of his hand drills and it's fascinating.

According to this article from Bleacher Report, Joe Kim is a Taekwondo Master with extensive experience in coaching NFL linemen with pass rush techniques

He has worked for ten different NFL franchises in this regard and his first NFL job back in 1992 was, ironically, working for Bill Belichick with The Cleveland Browns.

This reunion with Coach Belichick does not appear to be from total desperation as The Pats were tied for seventh in the league in total sacks and in the Top 6 for total loss of yards per sack.

Alas, like pitching in baseball, one can never have enough quarterback pressure and hopefully Master Kim's influence will contribute to another excellent season RIGHT HERE! On 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark! (August 9th is less than 3 months away!)

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