The most electric pitcher in Red Sox history just confirmed what I always thought.

We have so much in common...well really only two things in common: we dislike Jorge Posada the most of any Yankee player, and we like tossing old men to the ground.

In a recent interview as part of the 2015 Hall of Fame tour, Pedro sat down with the other inductees and did what he does best: says whatever the hell he wants.

When asked about his favorite Yankee to hit, he said Jorge Posada without hesitation. Apparently Posada was a little sensitive about his "dumbo" ears as Pedro used to say. Petey used to press his ears open in a mocking manner when facing the Yankee catcher.

We also learned in the interview that you never make fun of another Latino man's mother. Tossing an old bald man to the ground is ok, but don't make any 'yo momma' jokes.

I can't wait for Pedro's induction speech!

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