I love reading the sports pages in New York when the Sox beat 'em like they did last night.

Red Sox Were Just Better

The Daily News covered this gem:

How fun was that?

And, my favorite from the New York Times:

Against the Red Sox, the Yankees Simply Don’t Measure Up

I have 238 Facebook friends who like the NY Yankees on Facebook.  I can't help who they support, but let's face it, I'm grateful for the Yankees too.  Without them, who would we hate?  This series with them was so much fun because the Sox made the pinstripes look foolish!  I used to cringe a little bit when C.C. Sabathia hit the mound, but no anymore!  According to a report by ESPN, he sounds a little bittter.  Sabathia said that the homeplate umpire was "absolutely terrible."  Poor CC.  I kinda feel bad for him.  NOT!

We are ALCS bound!!

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