It feels like no one ever goes to the store anymore to buy stuff. But why would we? Unless it's an can order everything on your laptop or your smart phone and have it delivered in a day or two.

Walmart just revealed the most uniquely popular two-day shipping item in all 50 states. And it looks like most of us are ordering snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. As a matter of fact, according to Business Insider, about a third of the items ordered online from Walmart is food and drinks.

But those of us in New England are a different breed. Clearly we don't mind schlepping out to Hannaford or Shaw's to get our snacks. But there are some things we can't be bothered to go to the store and buy. And it's safe to say people in New England order some weird stuff!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Those of us in New Hampshire are clearly worried about our smiles. Folks in the Granite State order more toothpaste and teeth whiteners than anywhere else in the United States.


Mainers order more mosquito head nets than any other state. And let's be honest...if you've ever gone camping in the county then you know why.


Massachusetts residents obviously deal with a lot of crap. So I guess that's why they top the list for buying flushable wipes.


Vermont is the only New England state that joins the rest of the nation for ordering food and beverages. People in the Green Mountain State love their mango juice.

Teeth whiteners, mosquito net hats, flushable wipes, and mango juice. Yep, New England is definitely weird!

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