This Is Something You Don't See Everyday

According to a press release, there will be a 21 foot tall 2500 pound bottle of soap in Manchester on Saturday at the Hannaford at 201 John Devine Drive, (off of South Willow Street.)


It's For a Clean Cause

The Company launching this spectacle, Soapbox, is doing so to raise awareness for the importance of hygiene.  Soapbox will also donate 147,900 personal care products to people who need them while this bottle is on tour.

The Bottle Is Going Places

The 21 foot tall, 8 1/2 foot diameter, 2500 pound bottle will start it's tour in Times Square, then travel to Boston, Manchester, Buffalo, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas and many other cities across the country.

Love This Model

Soapbox donates a bar of soap to someone in need with every product they sell.  The pandemic has brought attention to how important it is to wash our hands.  So many people get sick because they can't properly wash their hands without soap and water, so the company is trying to help with that.

World Records Could Be Earned

Soapbox is attempting to earn a world record for the most hygiene products donated.  More information on that will be announced later in the week.



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