Gerry Scott of Saco, ME and his gorgeous horse Hercules were at it again!  This time they were visiting the people of Portland including the Portland Police Department.

I became obsessed with this horse last week after seeing pictures of him in Market Square in Portsmouth. Gerry, a retired military vet who was the commander of a United States Army Horse Unit, brings Hercules out to spread cheer.  This beautiful Friesian horse is one of the most beautiful animals I've ever seen!

This time around, the Portland Police got to spend some time with him!

Officer Gibbs got to take him on patrol!

My favorite part had to be Hercules getting a chance to cool off and take a little dip!

Gerry takes Hercules out to different areas to put a smile on everyone's faces. He says that he has even developed a little following now, and Hercules' fans will bring him water and treats along the routes.

He has taken part in parades and memorials.

courtesy: Gerry Scott

I've talked to Gerry, who says I can walk Hercules, but I can't keep him!  (by the way, if Hercules disappears there's a definite chance he'll be in my back yard!)

Check out these great pics of Hercules!

courtesy: Gerry Scott
courtesy: Gerry Scott

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