As if Portsmouth hadn't already cornered the market on dating hot spots, they go ahead and add another element to their repertoire. 

Portsmouth now has restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, parks, bridges, and will soon have a skating rink. The town is now the best place to go on a date in my book.

But DK, you like going out on dates? Wouldn't you rather sit at home in sweatpants eating Chorizo Taquitos? Yes BUT dates can be fun too.

In fact, I've taken my little lady to Frog Pond in Boston a few times. It was a lot of fun! (What's up with the laces on skates by the way? I can never tighten them enough. There's nothing more emasculating than having to use one of those tightening tools, or worse, have a rink employee tie your skates for you.)

Are you excited for the rink in Portsmouth? Where do you like to go on a date?