The featured image of this post is that of a cherry tree in Gonic that has produced about 20 fruits in the last 20 years. Not 20 pounds, 20 cherries. Now take a look at it close up!

Train Images
Train Images

If you can even begin to count all the cherries on this tree, you have more patience and better eyesight than I do!

Between the ants and the cedar waxwings, there won't be much to salvage once these become ripe in a couple weeks.

This tree is usually so barren, that we were caught off guard by this incredible outburst.

The fruit is quite a bit smaller and way more tart than anything you'd buy in the grocery store so, in this case the 'sour grapes' are genuine.

I will say this, if cherries are on the commodity exchange (I don't think they are) I would certainly sell all of your shares to the boys at Duke & Duke as fast as possible. 2018 is bound to be a bumper crop!

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