It currently resides at the corner of Broadway and Central. Have you been stuck here for more than 5 minutes?

Red traffic light

The thing is, I swear they move it around. For years this evil contraption MUST have been at the bottom of Exit 7 (Southbound) across from Sawyer Mills.

It was the reason that I never took Route 16. Why save time going 65 mph on the highway when you're only going to waste 4 or 5 minutes staring at Sullivan Tire or the Bellamy River bridge?

Here's a map and artist rendering of the light that has stolen close to an hour of my time in the past week, please stay away during the ear;y morning hours.

Evil Light

The cause of my rage may be misdirected and this could be a setting that the light has defaulted to, and not the light itself. Maybe it gets stuck on stop ONLY before 5AM, or maybe it only triggers the green light after three cars line up?

I've tried to back my car up at least two car lengths in a failed effort to get it to turn, but only after 5 minutes will it allow me to pass.

Tomorrow, I'm finally taking the 20 second detour down Pierce Street and save myself 5 minutes and a temper tantrum in the process.

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