I tend to be a bit of a know it all when it comes to apples, but I have never heard of this hybrid and it's terrific! AND available right now at all NH grocery stores.


The Koru Apple

Generally I only have these alerts in the winter months when I find a particular cellophane bag of above average Empires but this is the real deal.

I saw a gleaming pyramid of these at the Dover NH Hannaford and, while intrigued, I thought they looked too similar to a Fuji and I'm such an apple snob (I only eat Fujis picked in local orchards) that I passed it by.


Luckily, Sarah brought me in one today and I couldn't believe how crisp it was for January 22nd and the tartness was completely unexpected.

All my favorite apples are referred to locally as 'wintah keepahs' and big surprise, the Koru is in that category. Since it will be just as good in a couple months, I foresee eating at least 500 of them from now until April.

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