An “ice in” was officially declared on Lake Winnipesaukee, but officials are warning folks that does not mean you are all clear to go sporting around the lake, according to

The widest space on the lake, referred to as “The Broads” is no longer open water, and the news article reported that there is still a lot of lake that is snow-covered and the ice is very weak in spots.

All ice is dangerous but there should be a minimum of 6 inches of hard ice before you can walk on foot and at least 8 – 10 inches before you think about an ATV or snowmobile.

I just wrote a story about the tragic death of a South Hampton man who died when his snowmobile crashed through the ice on Moosewood Lake in Maine.

The article in the warns that New Hampshire Fish and Game says that the size of a body of water, the depth, temperature, currents, springs and wind exposure all affect ice formation.

There are “bubblers” around docks to prevent ice from forming. Just because you see snow over ice that does not mean you can know the strength of the ice underneath.

I am thinking of ice fishing this winter and this has me thinking I better go with someone that is really experienced in the sport. Officials are warning that despite the "ice in" declaration, we still need more cold weather to allow venturing out for recreational use.

Be careful out there!


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