Yes I wrote that correctly. This WMUR-TV report is the funniest thing I've seen in the New Year.

Chainsaws? UFOs spotted flying over Parker Mountain? This natural phenomenon has nothing on the miracle of this report itself.

It has it all!

We Granite Staters have a sense of humor all our own.

When the Westbrook Maine Ice Disk of 2019 happened, sure a guy from New Jersey chopped it up with an axe and chainsaw and yes, people thought it might be a sign from outer space visitors.

But here?

We simply mention these things with a straight face and let the viewer interpret the seriousness or nonsense, however they may choose.

Google Maps - Train Artistry VIA Microsoft Paint
Google Maps - Train Artistry VIA Microsoft Paint

In the interest of comic relief I have added an actual map of this spot off Route 106 with an artists rendering of the possible space alien incursion.

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